Iffen you are bored, or sans television and in need of some visual stimulation, or just want to watch awesome videos on the interwebs, here are some of my favorites:

The Best Wedding Video Ever. Almost makes me want to get married some day, just so my wedding can be as awesome as this one.  But only if it comes with a groom as hot as the one in the video.

The Best Music Video Ever.

No, I take that back.  Maybe it’s this one. Whatever.  Point is, OK Go makes fantastic videos.  Remember when people actually watched music videos, like…on television?  Haha.  Some day I’ll talk about that to my kids or my students and they won’t know what I mean by “music video.”  Or I’ll reference the time when MTV played actual music and they’ll be all, “listen old lady, we don’t want to hear about how you used to have to walk uphill both ways to school.  Just let us watch our crappy reality shows on MTV and leave us alone.”  (Unless they’re MY children…in which case, a) they will not call me “old lady,” and b) they will not be watching reality television.)

This is funny. Watch the whole thing (it’s only a couple minutes, don’t worry).  This is the same group that did the escalator high five experiment.  I dig ’em.

THESE KIDS ROCK MY SOCKS OFF. They’re awesome.  The teacher is awesome.

As always, this list will be updated periodically.


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