I am just FULL of great recommendations.  Clearly you and I have both realized that by now.

  • 500 Days of Summer – because Joseph Gordon-Levitt is hot, and also because I love Zooey Deschanel (amazon link)
  • Amelie – because the colors and the music are fantastic, and because Audrey Tautou is just so freaking cute (amazon link)
  • Before Sunrise / Before Sunset – you MUST watch these two back to back.  The dialogue is so good, and the story is even better, if you’re in a sappy romantic kind of mood (amazon link)
  • The Big Lebowski – because it’s awesome (amazon link)
  • Fight Club – I mean, c’mon.  Duh.  Though I usually have to be in a very specific mood to watch this.  (amazon link)
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall – of all the movies in this genre…you know what I’m talking about…all these movies with the same core cast and the same kind of humor…this is my favorite, by far, and not because Jason Segel is naked in it (amazon link)
  • Good Will Hunting – I don’t care how cliche it is to love this movie…it’s cliche to love it because so many people love it BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME (amazon link)
  • Hero – because the cinematography is beautiful (amazon link)
  • Kill Bill 1 & 2 – because Uma Thurman is a badass and because the end makes it all worth it (amazon link)
  • Love Actually – I don’t care what anyone says, this is one of my favorite movies…even though it’s a Christmas movie, and I tend to hate All Things Christmas-y (amazon link)
  • Newsies – because this is THE BEST MOVIE EVER MADE.  I don’t care.  It is.  (amazon link)
  • Pride & Prejudice – because Mr. Darcy is the best man in literature, and now he’s the best man on the screen (amazon link)
  • The Young Victoria – because Mr. Darcy may be the best in the world of Jane Austen, but Prince Albert is the best in the world of Everywhere Else (amazon link)
  • Waking Life – Linklater’s best movie.  The picture, the music, the dialogue, the story once you realize what the story is…it’s all so great (amazon link)
  • When Harry Met Sally – because so much of what they say to each other is true and amusing (amazon link)

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